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I'm Martin Smith

I'm passionate about the arts, I'm especially attracted to digital, because that's where I can put my hand.

The result of a long time since I was a child in front of a computer can be said to be me. I loved to "experiment" with certain programs and discover new features, looking for more things to do on a PC. The advent of the internet made me do more and more research, I came to create my first video game web guide, and then make a blog of technology news. Slowly opening up new areas of computer science, I reached a point where I was interested in design and then the audiovisual arts, I started using almost all Adobe programs at the age of 10, thanks to Internet tutorials. I came to understand the "computer logic" in Windows after years of use and, not conforming to this, I dedicated myself to learning to operate other systems like most Linux distributions.

Fan of illustration even though he doesn't know how to draw. I still do sketches by hand before I create logos or need to conceptualize ideas; I have a habit that some people say "it's old school design". I'm addicted to music, I can't do anything without it. I spent some time in a music academy learning to play drums, then I had to have a synthesizer, then I enrolled in another academy and learned to play the guitar. I learned to dance, which makes me sick today because I could be seen moving around at any time of the day as if I were dancing, but it's really "my way of walking" for me. I went to a salsa and casino academy, left it totally valuable and was interested in other types of dances such as merengue, bachata, pop, and more. I like music and dance to go hand in hand.

Favorite words: Strength, Objectivity, Realism, Fantasy Read Less

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Graphic Design

The perfect corporate identity for your audience, from logos, banners, interfaces to complete brand manuals and reproduction guidelines.

Motion Graphics

Explanatory videos, graphics packages, animated presentations, animation tests for interfaces, animated logos and advertising graphic pieces.

Video Production

Art direction, script, editing and production and color grading, my main focus is in post-production and retouching video scenes.

Web Design

Creation of landing pages, presentation webs for companies and startups, based on different frameworks or CMS like wordpress and Joomla.

Marketing Online

Market research, creation of strategies for social media and other online campaigns, guidelines for content and feasible business models.

SEO & Data Analysis

Studies and analysis of results, interpretation of data for the improvement of online positioning with SEO and SEM implementations.



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